Meat the Barbecuers: Steve and Raphael of Burn City Pop-Up

The term barbecue often conjures images of simply throwing a snag on the barbie in an Aussie backyard. However, the dynamic duo behind Burn City Smokers, Steve Kimonides and Raphael Guthrie, believe there is so much more to the art of barbecue, which involves drawing from history, sourcing local ingredients, spices, and most of all applying intense heat. This winter, Raphael and Steve bring their tender, fall-off-the-bone Southern American barbecue to Collins Kitchen in authentic Melbourne style. Here, the boys introduce their story and share their love for a smoker trailer.

In the southern states of America, barbecue has a fanatical following. We have a healthy respect for this history and tradition and we draw heavily from its cooking methods. Our food is a clear representation of Melbourne – its produce, people and food culture, hence our name ‘Burn City Smokers’. Our food comes from a passion for ingredients, respect for quality and the providence of the meat and the ethical practices from the people who farmed it.

Smoked Brisket Burger, the signature dish of Burn City Smokers.

Burn City Smokers was created as a catering company first and foremost.  The nature and style of American barbecue means that this is the best way to serve it we think.  For the past three years we have been serving our smokey meat at some of Melbourne’s best and largest events, including: Royal Melbourne Show – 2015/16, Laneway Festival – 2015/16/17, Pinotpalooza – 2014/15/16 and Gelato Messina (Sydney)  We also cater in private events all around Victoria.  Throughout the summer we ran our BBQ Beach Boutique, this was our summer restaurant pop-up in Mornington.  Here we operated a full restaurant for two and a half months serving casual tasty BBQ food for the large summer crowds.  As much we we love the casual affair of what we created there we are excited by the thought of being in a position to explore the idea of food cooked over wood in a more refined environment, drawing our experience and skills of the fine dining scene.

Photo by @simonshiffphotographer-21
Burn City Boys: Steve Kimonides (pictured left) and Raphael Guthrie (pictured right)

Steve the Meat Master Flash 

Melbourne born and raised, Steve has had the hospitality bug for over 20 years now.  He has worked his way through Melbourne’s bar and restaurant scene, from cocktails bar to one hat restaurants. Before starting Burn City Smokers, Steve was the wine buyer/sommelier at Il Bacaro Restaurant for six years.  It was his trip to New York and his experience at a place called Mighty Quinns BBQ that was the seed to the creation of Burn City Smokers.

Raphael the Wood Whisperer

Originally from New Zealand, Raphael grew up on a Bio Dynamic market garden.  A BBQ for him always meant home-kill meat cooked over wood in an old wheelbarrow.  Food and the quality of the produce has always been a strong part of his life.  The friendship with Steve was created in the pressure pot of a busy gastro pub in South Yarra called The Argo back in 2006.  Coming back to work together at Il Bacaro in 2012 where the business plan for Burn City Smokers was created over late night beers at various bars in Melbourne.

Melbourne, a new era of barbecue awaits.

The Burn City Pop-Up is open at Collins Kitchen from 1 June 2017 to 31 August 2017.

Secure your spot here


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