Burn City Pop-Up


Get ready to fire up Melbourne, as the most delicious and smokey Southern American BBQ flavours come to Grand Hyatt Melbourne this winter. From June 1 the kings of meat Steve Kimonides and Raphael Guthrie of Burn City Smokers are packing up their smoker trailer and towing it into the heart of Melbourne’s energetic laneway buzz to deliver fall-of-the-bone, fire laden and enticing barbecue aromas at the Burn City Pop-Up.

Working closely with Grand Hyatt Melbourne Executive Chef Jason Camillo, the Burn City team have created a succulent menu from the freshest local ingredients, in line with Hyatt’s food philosophy; Food. Thoughtfully Sourced. Carefully Served.

“We are always thinking of new ideas to enhance the guest experience, something to excite, surprise and delight. For winter we were looking to do something unique and out of the box, and after meeting Raphael and Steve it was clear we shared the same food philosophy and passion for fresh local produce and could come together to create something amazing,” says Jason.

The process of bringing our two teams together, telling stories of our suppliers and our shared love of food to create the Pop-Up menu has been such an exciting process for my team and we’re thrilled to welcome Burn City to the Grand Hyatt Melbourne family.”

The Burn City team have mastered the art of smoking with wood, combining traditional techniques with modern flavour and style. Their food comes from a passion for ingredients, respect for local produce and the ethical practices from the people who farmed it. For both Raphael and Steve, their passion for working with smoke and fire comes from childhood memories of family barbeques and special occasions.

“For me cooking with wood stemmed from my grandfather, who would graze a kid goat or a lamb in the backyard of his Northcote home for a week, then cook it whole on a spit over red gum for our family,” says Steve.

“Burn City Smokers was born out of late nights in some of Melbourne’s great bars, where we talked about our shared passion for cooking with wood and our desire to create a business where food is about friends and family coming together for simple but delicious flavours,” adds Raphael.

Launching on June 1 for a winter takeover, Burn City Pop-Up will offer Grand Hyatt Melbourne’s guests a brand new menu until August 31. Expect mouthwatering beef, chicken and pork slow-smoked over wood, the Burn City signature smoked brisket burger, traditional American BBQ side dishes, and of course rich and decadent desserts. Starters from $4 and Mains from $17.

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