From Melbourne to the World Stage with Executive Chef Jason Camillo

Behind every beautiful dish is a curated story, starting from farm to recipe and presented in a unique way that narrates this journey. Grand Hyatt Melbourne’s Executive Chef Jason Camillo brings authentic flavours to the dinner table at Collins Kitchen, combining carefully cultivated local produce with the down to earth nature of Australian cuisine. We got up close and personal with the man behind the menu, talking his go-to signature Melbourne dish, favourite foodie destination, and his excitement when the best of the world’s culinary scene descend to Melbourne this April for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, an iconic event in which Grand Hyatt Melbourne are a proud supporting partner.

Executive Chef Jason Camillo of Collins Kitchen

Executive Chef Jason Camillo’s favourite recipe from Collins Kitchen’s autumn menu:  I can’t go past all of the signature dishes as they are so fun and interesting, however I really do enjoy the beetroot tartare as it is a beautiful autumn earthy dish, which also happens to be vegetarian and tasty.

His favourite local food suppliers for Collins Kitchen: I really love getting out to our local farmers and producers and seeing what seasonal produce can be brought to our new menus. Currently, I’m all about the simplicity of Brussel Sprouts from Werribee in Victoria and I really admire our long relationship with Yellingbo Olive Oil. Every year, I bring our new apprentices to the Yarra Valley to pick and crush olivies and turn them into amazing liquid gold olive oil, which we use in the hotel.

Go-to signature Melbourne dish: Melbourne is ever evolving, but my signature Melbourne dish is from the grill and has to be a smoked rib eye cooked to perfection. At Collins Kitchen, we let it smoke under glass and when it’s delivered to the table, the glass is lifted and the smoke disappears revealing a beautiful rib eye. Just like Melbourne’s electric energy, I love the fun and suspense of this dish.

Favourite food destination and the most memorable dish: Definitely Beijing. Nothing beats having roast duck prepared in many ways – from pancakes to succulent breast meat and devouring the crispy skin dipped in sugar. An amazing broth completes the full experience.

His excitement of Grand Hyatt Melbourne being a Supporting Partner of The World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards: We couldn’t be prouder to welcome the world’s most influential culinary figures and food media to our wonderful city and hotel. There’s an amazing calibre of chefs and judges heading to Melbourne and everyone is on top of their game, ready to impress and prove that Melbourne is the culinary capital of the world and also such a friendly and inviting neighbourhood.


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