Australia Day with Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Celebrate a Grand Australia Day with Grand Hyatt Melbourne’s delicious Australian inspired menu, because it wouldn’t be Australia Day without lamb and a lamington! 


Thursday 26 January 2017, 6:00pm – 10:30pm

Main Course:

Slow cooked lamb rump, organic black beluga lentil salad, pickled barberries, Meredith goat curd $35

Pair it with a glass of Mitchelton Estate Crescent for $12


Raspberry lamington, rosewater and raspberry textures, coconut veloute $16

To make a reservation at Collins Kitchen, please call + 61 (03) 9653 4831

or visit


Interview with Marius Cauvin – Head Pastry Chef

Marius was born in Cannes, France, the very heart of the world famous Cote d’Azur. The stunning region is known not only as a playground for the rich and famous but also for the authenticity and creativity of it’s cuisine.

Marius was just 10 years old when he was introduced to the wonders of dough and from that day on, was found spending his leisure time sneaking into family recipe books and practising the family trade with his own bread and pastries.

Marius journey continued on to moving into positions with famous gastronomic restaurants all over Europe, which led him to Australia in 2012 where he continues to delight our guests with his innovation and skill with pastries and delicious desserts.

For Marius, Australia is home for his family and has adapted to the Melbournian lifestyle just perfectly! We sat down with our Head Pastry Chef to find out the inspiration of the Raspberry Lamington and what he loves most about Australia!

What inspired the creation of the dessert for Australia Day?

Even though there is still a debate about the Pavlova being Kiwi or Aussie, there is no debate about the Lamington being Australian!

I decided to separate all the components of the Lamington into different flavours and textures. It brings emotion when eating it with a summer twist.

How did you put your own twist on the Australian Lamington

A lamington is originally a cube of sponge cake layered with jam and deep into chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut. I have just broken the components down individually by assembling different techniques together. Chocolate cracking sheets, red velvet sponge, chocolate ganache, coconut gel, raspberry gel and coconut veloute. It’s a party in your mouth!

What do you love most about living in Australia?

The people are extremely warm and keen to help each other. I like the sport culture and Melbourne is an awesome city, child friendly, where you always find something to do.

img_5664Lamington Recipe

Red Sponge Sheet

6ea Egg Yolk

90g Sugar

6Ea Egg White

90g Sugar

180g Plain Flour

Red Colour

Whisk the egg yolk with sugar until it is pale. Make meringue with egg white and sugar. Gently mix yolk mixture and meringue together. Fold through the flour at the end.

Raspberry Gel

1L Raspberry Puree

200g Sugar

18g Agar-Agar

50g Lemon Juice

Boil the puree. Mix the sugar with Agar- Agar. Add the powder mixture into the puree while whisking well. Add the lemon juice at the end. Leave the mixture in the fridge overnight.

Once the mixture is set, blend well in blender until it is smooth.

Coconut Gel

1L Coconut Puree

200g Sugar

16g Agar Agar

The same process as raspberry gel.

Chocolate Ganache

1.1kg Milk

800g Cream

200g Glucose

1.5kg Dark Couverture Chocolate

Boil milk, cream and glucose together.  Pour over the dark chocolate and stir it to melt.

Set in the fridge overnight.

Coconut Veloute

500g Coconut Puree

500g Semi-whipped Cream

50g Sugar

Mix all three ingredients together.

Square Dark Chocolate

Temper the dark couverture chocolate and spread on plastic sheet. Sprinkle desiccated coconuts before the chocolate sets. Cut into 6cm x 6cm once it is semi-set.




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