Story of Devotion: Jason Camillo Executive Chef

Leading the culinary team in Collins Kitchen is Jason Camillo, award winning Executive Chef. In 2008, Jason joined Grand Hyatt Melbourne following the hotel’s $45 million redevelopment, moving across from his home state of South Australia to open Collins Kitchen. The restaurant sets a new benchmark for hotel dining, providing a contemporary concept unlike any other in Melbourne. Jason continues to impress guests with his authentic cuisine using the freshest, locally sourced produce.

Jason began his culinary career with Hyatt Hotels & Resorts as an apprentice in 1994, setting the foundation for an impressive career and has since worked with a variety of premium establishments across Australia. Growing up in one of Australia’s iconic food and wine regions, the Barossa Valley, and hailing from a family with Italian heritage, Jason is dedicated to sourcing only the best local produce and carefully hand crafting each seasonal menu.

“It’s important for young chefs to see how different foods grow, are picked, and where they come from. As many items are pre-packaged these days, the culinary team take regular trips to our suppliers to give our apprentices an appreciation of the process involved in creating quality produce,” explains Jason, who is dedicated to offering young chefs experiences outside of the kitchen.”

Sharing Grand Hyatt Melbourne’s philosophy of sustainability and collaborating with local suppliers, community has always been a part of Jason’s work and encourages his passion to create locally inspired dishes.

Jason’s personable nature and myriad of experience lends itself perfectly to the dynamic and innovative dining experience of Collins Kitchen.

In addition to his numerous awards, Jason’s career highlights include cooking for Queen Elizabeth II as well as former Australian Prime Ministers and U.S. Presidents.


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